Anti Aging Eye Cream

What are some good anti aging products for your eyes?

Women will always be looking for the ultimate skin cream and more importantly so an eye anti-aging cream that can help not only diminish those crow’s legs, puffiness and lines under the eyes but one that might help towards avoiding them altogether.  When looking for an anti-aging eye cream you should concern yourself with looking for a cream that contains great ingredients such as retinol.  It is a major antioxidant which helps to break down those free radicals which can diminish your skin cells which in turn will cause dryness leading to the all inevitable wrinkle.  Those creams containing hydroxy acids act with exfoliation techniques which can help towards the removal of old layers of skin and damaged skin which in turn can allow fresh new skin underneath to shine through.

Any eye cream containing retinol, collagen and peptides are all going to be good choices simply because these ingredients are the number ones for correcting what is going wrong with your skin at the time.  Retinol loves to attack wrinkles anywhere on the skin and around the delicate eye area is a must.  Using a cream at night which contains retinol allows it to work while you sleep giving it at least a good 7 hours to break down those free radicals which is the cause of the damage in the first place.  The same goes for creams which have those all important resurfacing ingredients such as peptides which help to promote collagen an advocate in strengthening and tightening skin in this delicate area.

One of the best products on the market is a 3in1 eye cream product produced by Dr. Patricia Wexler M.D. and is simply called Wexler 3 in 1 eye cream.  It is slightly expensive but as a 3in1 promising to lift, firm and have anti-aging benefits it may be well worth it.  The reviews have been promising fast absorption rate along with the moisturizing quality is just perfect to some seeing a difference in firming qualities. Total Beauty is a great provider of anti aging eye cream…

The Patricia Wexler brand not only is offering an eye cream but offers a complete brand of products which focuses on anti-aging treatments.  However, these products can only be purchased online or at the Bath and Body Works website who seem to be the main distributor for the Wexler products – not sure why Patricia Wexler does not have her own website to sell these products from.  Another slight disadvantage is an important one in this day and age when  wondering what you are putting on your skin, Wexler’s product does not list all ingredients on the packaging and one might wonder why?

One the whole, what are some great skin care products?